{on joining a gym and other health nut things}

I’ve never had great balance. Don’t get me wrong, I can stand firmly on both feet. But when it comes to anything else in life, I’m a bit wobbly.

This is particularly true when it comes to how I treat my body. I can extol the virtues of eating clean, but I hate kale and quinoa. Mostly because it seems like rabbit food and bird seed.  I would rather eat okra fried in peanut oil and silky cream corn. My favorite holiday is gluttonous Thanksgiving, with all the fixings.

But every day can’t be Thanksgiving. Someday, it has to be January 2nd or March 9th.

Over the past month, I have joined a gym and gotten a personal trainer. So far, after two sessions, I like it. My trainer always explains how each exercise will benefit my muscles, and how it will help me feel more confident. She tells me about the back and shoulder exercises being good for a backless gown. The cables are great for strapless options. We worked on my calves, in case I want to wear a sweet little white dress to City Hall. It’s more than a year away, and I want to keep my options open.

I drink protein shakes twice a day (sometimes). I’ve developed a fondness for the best Rio Star grapefruit from Texas. I can tolerate kale, if I add enough parmesan and olive oil to it. My grocery bill has been reduced, and I’m eating mostly organic produce (when it matters). This week, my goal is to only eat food from someone else’s kitchen twice, and workout five times.

I’ll have to give myself goals and an incentive each week to keep things going. Otherwise, it’s just punishment and who wants that? Not this lady.


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