{coffee: sweetie pie}

sweetie pie

One of my traditions will be to share morning coffee as often as possible with the love of my life. We got to know each other while drinking small white mugs of coffee, resting them on saucers when the direction of the conversation piqued our mutual interest. It was this way that we quickly became friends.

In terms of coffees, I love them all. I like everything from the candy-like creations of Starbucks to the black Fair Trade coffees that are sourced from exotic locales like…Guatemala. I like French presses, drip coffee makers, Tassimos, and Keurigs. I love the art of making coffee, from filtering the water to measuring out the grinds. There is something in the small rituals of weekend mornings that calm me.

Weekdays, however, are often spent rushing around the apartment, changing outfits several times. Before deciding on the one cardigan that I want covering my shoulders in a chilly office, the coffee has already been made. The coffee brewed around 6 am, when I was still hitting the snooze button, trying to remember why on earth that evil thing is lighting up and wedding bells are pealing. My fiancé was brilliant when he bought the coffee maker with a timer as a gift, because I am not a morning person.

Although the hustle of my mornings doesn’t change, my coffee does. I tend to shop for my coffees on the end aisles in Target. I do this because the coffees on the ends of the aisles are usually on clearance because their season is coming to a close, yet they are still fresh. By shopping on clearance for coffee, I also discover new brands and flavors.

The flavors that I most often end up buying are from a brand called Paramount Coffee, who have cleverly named their bags of coffee according to the seasons. So it is with Sweetie Pie that I begin my first post on coffee. Sweetie Pie, as can be seen in the photo, is a pumpkin pie flavored coffee. I get less pumpkin flavor in this coffee and more of a strong clove flavor. It’s a strongly spiced coffee that is ideal for late autumn mornings, as long as the spices and acidity are balanced with half and half.


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